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"Enabling Internationalization Excellence for Family Enterprises"

IFE, 2017


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News about Tanja’s research in Talouselämä

Tanja’s research on the importance of building a social relationship for international networking was widely reported in Talouselämä on 14/10/2017. See the news here. The contents of the article are related to Tanja’s findings and considerations which reveal that Finnish managers and entrepreneurs seem not to fully understand the role of social relationships for internationalization. Instead, they mainly concentrate on developing and presenting technology and being cost-efficient in relation to the relationship maintenance. However, even the best technological product of highest technology and qualities cannot be sold without networks, which, on turn, make the sales and the result of the firm below the line. In the article, Tanja also gives recommendations for the networking related to Russia, China and France.

Tanja’s research and its practical implications were also discussed in the web release of Suomen yrittäjät. See the news here