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Societal Interaction – Necessary and Insightful

In the past, there has been an unfortunate trend of research and politics and practical business life not walking very much hand in hand. It has not been rare that the research conducted has been floating in a so-called theory cloud, having very little to say about the practical life and the practical level operators have even lost their interest in academic research.

Recently, new political and strategic incentives have initiated that academic research, politics and practical life need to be closer to each other. For me as the IFE project leader, this is positive, since for me it has always been important to be practically relevant, from the very beginning of my academic career. Furthermore, according to top professors, a good theory is practically relevant.

When I started my 5-year Academy of Finland (AOF) Research Fellow scholarship, I wanted to emphasize the aspect of societal interaction even more, to share my findings and implications on internationalization, international networking, SMEs and family firms in Finland in special. Societal interaction is actually, together with scientific braveness, one of the two major awards granted by the Academy of Finland to one of AOF research fellows annually. For me, societal interaction is not only necessary to keep up with seeing how the politicians and practical level entrepreneurs/managers/consultants react to my findings and conclusions; but also to get new insights for my research from the real-life actors. I have been fortunate to have been invited to several events (main ones listed below) during these last 2.5 years and even more importantly, I have felt a lot of joy and fullfillment when I, after each talk, have seen inspired faces thanking me for giving so many insightful findings and thoughts for their work. This is the best that could happen. Here, I want to thank all my societal interaction collaborators:

Elinkeinoelämän keskusliitto, Norjalais-suomalainen kauppakamari, ViExpo, Business Finland, Perheyritysten liitto, Aava & Bang, Wulff Entre, Tieteen Päivät ja Etelä-Karjala/Lappeenranta.

My speeches in the first two years of the project:

  • Viexpo-Suomi100-seminar in Jakobstad (12.12.2017): ”On kysyttävä miten mummo voi”- sosiaalinen suhde on se mikä ratkaisee”
  • Duunit Day (23.1.2017): ”Suomen kilpailukyky nousee sosiaalisilla suhteilla”
  • Aava & Bang morning coffee seminar (3.4.2018): ”Onnistumisen avaimia kansainvälistymiseen: sosiaalinen suhde on se, mikä ratkaisee”
  • Norwegian-Finnish Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting (19.4.2018): ”Sociala kontakters och nätverkens betydelse i nordisk business”
  • Wulff Entre (8.6.2018): ”Sosiaalinen verkostoituminen kansainvälistymisessä”
  • Business Finland, MidCap and Cleantech managerial meeting (20.12.2018): “Perheyritykset ja niiden kansainvälistyminen”
  • Science Days (13.1.2019): ”Perheyritykset kansainvälisessä yrittäjyydessä: ensimmäiset sata vuotta”
  • STRATI1-executive education (14.8.2019): ”Kansainvälisen kasvun johtaminen perheyrityksissä”
  • ”Grow Global-seminar for food-producing SMEs” (3.9.2019): ”Mikä erottaa menestyjät muista – tutkittua tietoa pk-yritysten menestystarinoista”
  • Confederation of Finnish Industries (28.11.2019): ”Suomalaisten yritysten kansainvälistymisen erityispiirteet”

In addition to speeches, I have been able to share about my research in some magazines and when creating knowledge politics for Finland: