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New Book on Family Firm Internationalisation Published!

We are pleased to announce that our book on family firm internationalisation, co-authored by Tanja Leppäaho and Jaakko Metsola, has now been published by Palgrave MacMillan. Titled “Family Firm Internationalisation – A Network Perspective,” the book links theories on family business, internationalization and international networking to an empirical analysis of 24 Finnish family SMEs. Thus, owed to being a diamond in the rough as a research topic, we do not only settle for summarising prior knowledge, but – and perhaps more importantly – embark upon an empirical investigation of our own, based on a large number of interviews and secondary data. We believe that this mix of theory and practice in the form of a Palgrave Pivot book provides readers with digestible insights related to international networking typology, strategies, paths, and success factors, especially in relation to family firms.

One of the key findings in our book relate to three international networking types of family firms we introduce and derive from the data: regional or global narrow network maximisers (NNMs), and broad network enablers (BNEs). These different types of international family firms approach internationalisation with more or less different networking strategies and paths in relation to the scope, scale and speed of internationalisation, and the number, management and strength of network ties. Aspects specific to family firms, such as socioemotional wealth (SEW), long-term orientation and different generations, influence internationalisation and networking decisions over time. No international networking type is, by default, superior than others, but all have their pros and cons.

The more detailed findings and conclusions can be found in the book. It is now available as an e-book or a hardcover at https://www.palgrave.com/gp/book/9783030285197#aboutBook.

We wish you fruitful and insightful times reading the book!

Best regards,

Jaakko and Tanja